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About DayVBeats

Her whole life, DayVBeats has been creating music. She knew from a very young age that music was her calling, the beats coursing through her veins, the world making most sense to her when she thought of it in terms of rhythms and lyrics. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology but, even when she was in school, regardless of what she was studying, her mind was on music, songs making their way through her mind. She always felt an urge to entertain others, to share her musical gifts with them, to make her song heard. As a producer, she knows that her job is to keep her artists happy. She has a knack for organization, communication, and motivation, and she is adept at navigating even the most complicated social situations. A people person at heart, she finds a deep sense of fulfillment doing what she can for her artists.Dayv's following is large and growing every day, she aims to expand her following any way that she can. She has collaborated with such well-known artists as Tory Lanez (a platinum selling artist), Maxso (an actor and rapper who first rose to fame as a child and making appearances on TV shows like The Wayne Brady Show and The View), Beyond Brandon (more than 1,350,000 followers on Instagram and more than 300,000 plays on SoundCloud), and Just Brittany (rapper and singer signed with Cash Money Records).